Series 1 - Part 1

  • The Black Unicorn I

    The Black Unicorn has been a part of many different culture's myths and legends for ages. As a dork colored creature, it is often considered a harbinger of death and destruction. However, it is also very often considered a symbol of strength, change and individuality.
  • The Deer Woman I

    Anukite, a Native American spirit, can appear as a deer or as one or two women with deer legs. A woman who dreams or has visions of her is often said to be very powerful artistically or sexually. However, if she appears to any unfaithful men, well... good luck.
  • The Tengu I

    The Tengu is a pretty vague Yokai from Ancient Japanese lore. They can be either good or bad or a trickster, bird-like or dog-like or man-like (but also, they can shape-shift) They might be very powerful or pretty average. Basically, a Tengu is gonna Tengu.
  • The Minotaur I

    Hailing from Crete, with the body of a human and the head of a bull, the Minotaur rules (is locked away in) the Labyrinth and demands the tribute of 7 young men and 7 young women every 9 years.
  • The Jengu I

    Originating from Cameroon, Africa, The Jengu is said to have arrived in our world from a crack in the bottom of the ocean. They have the upper body of a beautiful human and the bottom half of a fish. The Jengu are said to have healing powers and are able to control the sea. If you are a good person, they may even help you out in a tough situation.
  • The Qilin I

    This Heavenly creature is from Ancient China. The Qilin has a single horn on it's head, the body of a deer and the tail of an ox. They are considered very auspicious portents of luck and prosperity and often appear around the birth or death of a great sage or leader.